Having a good job is the bare minimum for men [Discussion]

Making a decent living is not a prerequisite for me. But being a decent person is.

This whole post, while sounding very upper class privileged, is not in touch with the experiences of many people who were forced out of employment by the Great Recession and nwver recovered or college aged persons who get that degree only to find there is no job market there.

All sectors of society are being affected by new technology, from fast food workers to teachers to health care providers to lawyers.

For every 100 hot jobs that make the news, there is an over abundance of students enrolling in those fields who will overcrowd the market and stagnate wages for those same jobs that were touted as "growing faster than average."

So no, a man without a decent job is not a prerequisite for me. I would gladly take a hard working minimum wage guy with morals who tries his best to get ahead but never gets there.

The day is quickly approaching when the field some of you guys trained for will be overcrowed and you will be downsized. So my advice is to get a decent man, and be prepared to live at middle poverty levels.

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