When you steal your alliance members loot

Last night I think I may have destroyed an alliance.

My friends logged off at the end of our journey and for shits and giggles I scuttled our ship, leaving only the rowboat behind. In the the distance I saw two sloops in an alliance at a skull fort. Inspired by the video I saw here about a week ago, I took the rowboat, rowed across the choppy seas (harder than you'd think), and snuck on board one of their ships. I was too scared to get caught to investigate the second ship. I stole 3 Captain's Chests and 2 sapphires and rowed my ass back to the outpost.

I imagine their alliance fell apart as each suspected the other of theft. I wish I could have been there to hear it.

I can't believe in that time none died and respawned on their boat, seeing me... or that they literally left all their loot on the upper deck with no one keeping watch.

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