Guy goes to the doctor for a checkup and gets bad news.

I'm an ex-mormon, and let me tell you, there are a hell of a lot more reasons for the hate than just what you mentioned.

For one, mormonism has completely taken over the state government. Living in Utah, I hate seeing the influence of the church in every aspect of my life. But it's unavoidable. Ultra-conservative mormons are the only ones with any political influence (fortunately that's changing, albeit slowly, as Mia Love just lost her election campaign to a democrat somehow). Yet an article of faith - which practically every mormon child memorizes before they're 12 years old, claims to allow all men to live their own lives according to their own religious ideals. The hippocracy of the mormon religion in this way is absolutely disgusting. And this hyppocracy is palpable in every other aspect of the religion. Check out /r/exmormon for countless examples of the mormon church's atrocious behavior. The cult of mormonism is inescapable for those living in Utah. When I left the church, my family, who I thought loved me unconditionally, disowned me. I haven't talked to them for the past year while I've been at college. Apparently "unconditional" love's only condition is that I remain faithful in their fantastical religion.

There are countless stories just like the one I shared of the mormon intolerance of those with beliefs forieign to theirs. Non-mormon children are persecuted constantly by mormon peers throughout their time in school. It's pathetic that mormons claim to show love to all of God's children yet view nonbelievers with absolute disdain.

Another thing, Mormons themselves don't know and so often deny facts they are presented with about their religion. If you have any inclination that the mormon faith has even an inkling of truth to it, you should check out the (CES Letter)[], which gives over 100 pages worth of information denouncing the mormon church.

This post is undoubtedly disorganized, I'm typing this on mobile, but I wanted to give one or two more reasons for the mormon hate from non-Mormons. The hatred some feel is absolutely justified. That isn't to say Mormons face any persecution at all, although they often complain about how society is detrimental to their religion.

Again, sorry this is so rambling and disorganized. I wanted to spread awareness of reasons mormonism can't claim they "have no idea why people dislike us. After all, we show so much kindness to those in our communities." No you fucking don't.

Check out the CES Letter and learn to think for yourself. Check out /r/exmormon and open your mind to the possibility you were raised wrong.

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