[Official] General Discussion Thread - January 20, 2019

Also go sent this:

Right so here we go. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The inside track on the Mcgregor incident. I can’t say this is the 100% truth, but the source has spoken to one of the detectives working the case. Sunday night McGregor and his goons are boozing in town somewhere, don’t know which bar exactly. A bird comes up to him and introduces herself and says that her boyfriend is friends with Erin McGregors boyfriend and Conor is giving it the big one in front of his mates and starts saying would you go way out of that coming over talking about your boyfriend, tell you truth you’re looking for the ride and his mates are all laughing and she’s like no I’m not. And it ends with him telling her he guarantees he’ll be riding her later. Later on the party moves back to the beacon hotel in Sandyford and yer one comes back to the session and McGregor is trying it on with yer one and she is like get off and her starts getting handsy and physical with her, she ends up slapping hi Inbox x

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