Why is it when a Tesla catches fire, the media is sure to put Tesla in the title but any other car is just “car catches fire”?

Sure, but you're the one who chose to pick on the Bolt owner making a joke so just let me know when and what you want to discuss because it's getting confusing. I was only trying to respond to your barb. ;)

Tesla owners don't have to be greeted by garage signs that say, "No parking for Teslas due to fire risk" or if they do, it's a fraction of a fraction of the amount of Bolt owners and that's just one example of sheer stupidity in action. GM even began issuing stickers saying that peoples Bolts weren't fire risks that people could put on their cars that garages could verify it was getting so stupid.

Meanwhile even during the Bolt recall years they were lighting on fire only about on par with ICE counterparts.

I'll cede the disconnect is there between EVs and ICE in general over fire risk, but the idea that Tesla has it the worst is a joke at face value for Bolt owners. Especially for those who have or do own both.

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