Where did late 2000s DnB go?

I know what you mean. 2008 era had a very specific sound and I definitely think it was one of the golden ages of the genre. For me the best time for the music was 2002-2005, but both of those eras were closer to each other than they are to what we have now. There are still plenty of producers vying for that future though imo, Billain comes instantly to mind for example.

It had been a few years since I really was in love with dnb but recently the really shaker heavy subdued sleek stuff I have really loved, e.g., the Dispatch/Critical type stuff. QZB - Nobunga is my fav tune of the last five years, it really highlights where the genre is going in a good way.

I do think there is a pretty big hole where people like Noisia Phace and Spor used to focus but no longer do though, I think that much is obvious.

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