Where do female HENRY’s hang out?

I don’t know why this popped up on my Reddit, but I highly doubt a friend making $80k is going to be jealous about a spa trip and a trip to Disney. While it’s not something you can do every day, it’s entirely doable on $80k salary, especially if you live with/have a husband/partner contributing to the bills. Don’t be the snobby person assuming your friends can’t afford something so pretending like you never do it. That’s in fact more annoying and grating than just being truthful. If you are truly my friend IDGAF if you had a spa day, I care more that you felt like you had to lie to me because I couldn’t handle it. Now that is some hurtful shit, like you think I’m going to be so jealous about your business you can’t be truthful? What a life that would be if I spent my life being incredibly hurt about the people that made more money than me and my so called friend thinks I’m so fragile or so poor they can’t tell me the truth.

FWIW, I’ve had people around me try to hide their income thinking because I made $80k etc. I wasn’t on the same level as them or whatever the hell it was. Little did they know my husband at the time was making $500k a year and I did all if not more of the things they did and lived on a gorgeous estate property and could not give a fuck what they did. I’ve since separated and now live a regular middle class life making $100k living in a regular middle class house worth $550k but I still don’t care what the fuck my friends do and are happy for them.

I understand wanting friends that can afford the same things you want to do all the time, but goodness gracious.

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