Miyamoto Musashi's philosophy of "winning without fighting" is a central theme throughout his lif. This idea involves using intelligence and understanding of the situation to achieve victory without resorting to violence.

Hahahaha the "great man" fetishist cuck. Why do people love gargling the balls of dead people?

Because history is dope

You're not a man of the blade or any of the other childish "hero" narratives you tell yourself to cope with your bitch ass existence.

Ok but I’ve done martial arts since I was a kid so I view Miyamoto as a martial artist as well.

Going around picking fights is shit head behaviour and denotes fatal insecurity that even your fantasy narratives can't cover up.

No it’s actually standard for martial artists to do that to test themselves. Japan itself was responsible for the lethality due to their toxic cultural traits which also included things like seppuku

Validation comes from within.

Spoken like an actual loser

If you're always looking for something external to validate yourself/"measure up against" you lack self esteem and the mental capacity to recognise it.

I bet you still have your participation trophies on the shelf above your bed lmao

That's why we all laugh at your tough guy/super serious shtick. It's an emperor loser with no clothes moment. The ridicule is much warranted, and should serve as a wake up call to snap out of your delusional fantasy land. Or, you could dig in, say nuh uh, you are. And you'll keep smacking your head against brick walls.

Or just come to literally any mma gym in Utah and see if you’re tougher than me :) we can meet up and test your theory

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