To convince an atheist that there is a God (filmed at SatanCon in Boston)

I am not better than you, I simply just do not understand the point of not believing in anything after death. I feel as if not believing in any thing has a strong influence on negative moral values from the experience I have had with atheists/unbelievers. If I was interested in excluding people, I would not have told you that you have the right to your own beliefs/disbeliefs. I would have told you that this was the only way and that your opinion/feelings don’t matter. Your beliefs are neither wrong nor right until evidentially proven just like mine. You can believe in a spaghetti monster if you would like. I have the right to think it is ridiculous just like you have the right to think me believing in God is ridiculous, just like me thinking you believing in nothing will guide you to a less selfless path. If you choose to be offended, I will simply ponder as to why and move on with my day. Rather than further offending you, I think I’m going to end this conversation. Thank you for your time and perspective.

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