Where Do You Think A Lot Of The "Hate" For VR Stems From?

The first time I played VR, there were times where I felt like my brain was melting. The motion sickness took a good while to set in, but it was all the little moments when the virtual world and the real world didnt match that made my brain feel like it was buffering while I just stood there frozen going "uh...."

Like when i dropped a photograph under my vr chair in blood and truth...

I got up to pick it up off the floor and accidentally punched my actual chair. That broke my brain for a second. Then I went to move my actual chair without putting the move controllers down and again, when I reached out to move my actual chair, I broke my brain again because the chair I had grabbed was a completely different sort of chair than the one I was looking at and could see my "hands" reaching for.

Then about 2 minutes after I took off the headset, I started to get a slight feeling of motion sickness (whice I've only gotten a couple of times in my life) that got worse for about 5 minutes before it started to fade.

I can see how having just one or two VR experiences, without actually having your own headset to spend time with and get used to could be overwhelmingly frustrating for those reasons and might make people feel like it just isnt for them.

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