Which technology will be dominant in webdev in 15 years?

You don't want to earn anything? You're in the wrong world then. Apple is a capitalistic society and other people do want to earn, so does Apple.

Switch to Android then.

Where did I write "it ensures a higher quality" ? Of course it is money, and it should be. I want to earn from it gosh... Were not all millionaires like you that can spend 24/7 building an app and not earn anything from it.

Apple quote was that the user will not be able to do what you can do on windows. You don't let to modify Apple computers like windows does - that's Apple brand, that is Apple.

I love using a Mac, I don't like their iPhone because of their UX, id rather get android.

Whatever works for me. "No more Apple products for me" - you seem butthurt. They have some good stuff and some bad stuff.

What you are describing to me though is Steve Jobs vision - don't let the user to do stuff.

Also, this `go through their approval process.` - rather makes sense, for security reason. Weather you think its fair or not, doesn't matter. Its what they want to do, that's their choice.

I agree with that.

btw, at this moment I don't even have any apple products, but I do want to get a mac as I did use one before, but the price makes no sense.

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