India set an ‘incredibly important precedent’ by banning TikTok, FCC Commissioner says, 'don't see a path forward for anything other than a blanket ban" in the US

at this point the spying is the least of our worries. I'm not cool with it, but the structure of these platforms themselves is responsible for the insanity that is happening in our society. The spying isn't actively harming people the way just using these platforms is.

Combine a profit motive with human nature and these platforms inevitably drive people to the point of insanity we've seen recently where they'll literally storm the nation's Capitol based entirely on falsehoods.

Or they'll believe in satanic pedophile rings and lizard people, or flat earths, etc.

Believing crazy shit isn't new for humans, but the scale and pervasiveness of this bizarre information spread is on a level humanity has never seen and cannot fully comprehend.

Add to that the insecurities driven by beauty filters and all the other rabbit holes and false realities created and propagated on these platforms and humanity finds itself in a bizarre, distracted, and a (unnecessarily) divided place.

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