Whining Wednesday - Whine and Discuss or Help and Assist

I shouldn't have started the 7 day Underwater Solitaire Offer. I'm at 185 at the moment and managed to get enough lives to sustain myself for awhile there, but now I'm losing them like a mother since every freaking level requires repeats (gold and power ups will be spent in no time). Gone from the id 20-30 lives to depleting to 16 and still decreasing. I have serious doubts as to being able to complete this crap in time ( going into Day 4 I think) when I'm gonna be stuck waiting for a small handful of lives to regenerate soon. Coins and power ups are needed at a much more frequent rate than what the game is giving me. Screw Swagbucks for this., but also screw me for not listening to my original instincts and not touching offers with time limits less than 2 weeks.

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