Who’s the one who got away?

A girl I went to school with. I fell for her in like 6th grade(2012). We finally kissed in Winter 2019 after many relationships with different people on both sides. After that stuff didn't get serious either cause I was afraid to loose her and she wasn't sure about her feelings(as she would later tell me). At the start of the pandemic she was my anchor in life. We met weekly, sang, danced, went to a park at midnight. Then suddenly we stopped. I think it was because we both didn't know how we felt for each other. 11-2020 I contacted her again to finally cut our friendship cause she always backed off and I couldn't be around her knowing she doesn't want me. Now she's living in a country literally a thousand miles away and I can't stop thinking about what if...

Please forgive my horrible English if I made any mistakes it's early in the morning rn and I didn't sleep at all.

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