who would your dream 2016 guest on the podcast be?

Personally, I would like a non-famous ecologist or urban forester on the show in the same way the murder cop was. There are a lot of issues going on (I work in this field) that doesn't get covered in news, but I think that everyone would find it very very interesting. Preferably a non-political stance because that is the only lens that these issues are talked about and they're non-political in reality.

There is sooooooo much going on. Really great stuff in urban forestry in particular and there are so fucking many of us that are extremely passionate and charismatic about them and we're all super nerdy about it. We love what we do and helping things to get better. Ufortunately, not enough people come into our field despite the high addictive quality the subject has on people and we have no stage or microphone ever. Only people in suits who don't know anything do. We were one of only two industries actually adding jobs during the recession, right after the medical field. We NEED people. We have jobs for you and they usually pay well...

Anyway, I came to this subreddit to support /u/ChrisHardwick in deciding to take the podcast to one a week. As a follower since the literal beginning, I just want you to be happy and have guests on that you personally want. Not only does it serve you better, but your enthusiasm and passion makes a better show for us. I just want to emphasize that this fan really likes the idea of having a non-celebrity/specialist in literally any field on if they are very passionate people about what they do and you're interested in it too. Like, I loved it when you had you Dad on too and I didn't know him. Hell, at the beginning I didn't know Matt or Jonah... You're a great guy and fantastic at what you do- we will always be here and support you. I literally don't see you on anything else just because I'm not into tv that much, but I'm really happy that you're apperently all over the place there undoubedly showing people that you don't have to be cynical, apathetic, or a box of rocks. It's more fun to like things, be nice to people, and laugh. Our culture needs more of that.

Happy New Year to everyone. I'm excited to see where things will go from here. I can only imagine how wonderful the guests and interviews will be when the podcast can be extremely selective.

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