Windy Williams in crisis megathread

Here’s the thing. The gossip industry (Daily Mail in particular) kind of caused her collapse.

She was living fine, aware her husband was a cheater, but didn’t care. Then the DailyMail followed her husband around and put it out there in the media. Then DailyMail confirmed that the other woman was pregnant. That did it. Then DailyMail confirmed she was in rehab and living in a sober living house.

Who did she piss off at DailyMail?

NONE of this would have been public without them. EVER.

They’ve been merciless.

DailyMail confirmed all these things with private investigators and pictures.

The thing is though, Wendy has always been merciless herself. That’s the gossip industry. Otherwise it’s just paid celebrity PR.

So yeah, I want the best for her, but I also think it’s fair to gossip about her.

I will be watching when/if she returns to television. She’s stupid, kinda evil, but I still want the best for her because she’s a hurting human being, and I still think it’s fair to gossip about her.

She’s insecure. She’s been emotionally and very likely physically abused by her ex-husband all of her life. She still might be, honestly. She’s approaching Michael Jackson levels of crazy.

It says a lot about this community that people are wishing her well, honestly. Is this not what ya’ll wanted? For karma to be real and fall upon her head? Now that it’s here, it doesn’t feel so good.

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