A woman's place

Wow. Fuck. I went in one direction and you went in another which I wasn't expecting, and now I have so many questions I don't even know where to begin, but I'll try to articulate the most important thing I want to know.

Because of the never-ending bullshit in media, I am legitimately confused as to what makes a man be number one in the eyes of a woman. That's what I want to know. What is the essence of the man whom women choose to devote to? To help clarify that, think about this:

Imagine a world where everything you wanted was available to you with the flick of a magic wand. Or by snapping your fingers or pushing a button or whatever. You could have any type of house you wanted, all the items you wanted, all the food and gadgets and make-up and clothes and cars and everything. If you wanted to go to a certain place anywhere in the world, all you had to do was snap your fingers or push this button and there you would be. If you wanted to be in a certain set of circumstances or look however you wanted or experience whatever you wanted, it would be available to you in an instant.

With this in mind we get rid of all the superficial reasons why a woman could want to be with a man. In that ideal scenario, you could no longer possibly need a man for money, or for shelter, or for food or travel or any of the reasons many women are with a man. You could only want to be with him because you actually wanted to, because he fulfilled something in you.

So then, my question to you is: assuming that you were in that scenario, really putting yourself in the shoes of someone with that abundance available, what would you want from a man? What would make you choose that one guy in particular from among the vast sea of dudes, and want to give yourself to him? I mean, if you truly were able to have whatever you wanted in life, what else is there? What do you want from him?

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