IT workers of Durban...


I Write this to you under extreme duress. As per our previous meeting, I am fully aware that I am no longer welcome at this company and it is very clear to me that you are not willing to progress me any further or invest in my growth.

Your superior continues to hold ill feelings towards me in regard to how I conducted myself during the "battle of the bill." Honestly I have many times considered going to your superior and discussing the events of 2012-2013 and asking her why did I not go to every major newspaper and scream foul play at the top of my lungs but NO I am not a vindictive person and I do not want to cause you anymore stress than I already have. You have a family, status and a secure job. I do not and never will put that into jeopardy. I have been closely observing you all these years and I am certain you have your bases covered and all your ducks in a row. You are also a very dangerous person. I live and work in continual fear.

Unfortunately you hired an inquiring mind and it has taken me sometime to realise  in this place that is not a valued attribute. In this place I have learnt the art of knowing when to shut my mouth and just accept. With that said, I will NOT be bullied or intimidated anymore. I don't want to involve HR or cry like a moffie to anybody else(I remember well your words about (censored), I can only imagine the kinds words you have to say about me)

I come to work and I do my job to the best of my abilities and many times I have gone above and beyond to provide a quality service to my clients.

If you think I want more money or a higher status you are surely mistaken and really have no idea about my character. You found my lego initiatives trivial and a gimmick but can't you see that I am trying my best to educate future competent IT workers or possible future clients?

The cultures that exist at work are counter productive and destructive to the peoples' who are labelled as "trouble makers"

Fully knowing what has been told to me, how I have been treated, the childish tactics that are employed to break my spirit and this continual beratement.


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