Worm Fanfiction Power Cost

So I'm trying to think of where this power would fall in terms of pricing, but I am gonna need some more info, how much energy does it take for a permanent rank 1 power and how much energy would it take to upgrade it one rank?

Wildbow's hypothetical tinker 15 is a unrestricted omni tinker who can create his own materials and the produced gear upgrades itself over time, and Glaistig Uaine is a trump 12, so with 12 being on the level of S-class threats and 15 damn near breaking the setting we have some (admittedly vague) benchmarks.

Obviously your free to fan wank how you want, it's your story at the end of the day. personally though I would put it somewhere between trump 15-17 (so costing from 1500 cp to 2250cp, which is doable given theirs no cp limit on the drawbacks and the abundance of scenarios.)

this is assuming you get enough energy for a new power/upgrade every 3 to 1 weeks. My reasoning for this is that the aforementioned tinker 15 could become a major threat to the grand majority of parahuman's in a years time, and in a few years could figure out ways to shut down most S-class threats or major parahuman organizations.

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