Your daily reminder: Yishan Wong personally hired Ellen Pao, stepped down, said she should be CEO, 6 days later she is CEO, just in time for her court case. Ellen Pao is suing for $16 million in a scam that has gone on since 2008, with her "collecting evidence".

Not sure, I posted a lengthy blow-by-blow of her case, but it was buried. I'll repost it. It shows that she admitted to selectively quoting replies in emails to make them seem sexist, every day, since 2008.

She had a plan to sue this company from 2008, and did AS MUCH AS SHE COULD, being abrasive and entirely crazy, to get people to fire her. She was so pissed off when she wasn't fired.

Then she was pissed off when they helped hire an investigator to help set things right, she hired and attorney as she saw this as potentially damaging to her case she had been building.

Evil fucking liar, profiting from the real victims of sexism.

She was :

  • PAID MORE than her male colleagues
  • Offered her ideal job after many many many times being given warnings about her performance and actions in her first promotion
  • Was given access to the leading mentors and gurus of her industry

Fucking cow. The women who make her shitty suits are the ones who need the $16M, the ones who have to work, suffer abuse, so they can feed their kids, the women who develop health problems while working.

Now some spoiled moron who calculated that despite spending so much money on paper degrees she would only year low ten-ks a month and with the lifestyle she had and expenses she'd never hit the wealth management curve in time.

She got involved with a criminal for purely financial purposes, fucking gold digger, that landed her in shit with the SEC and FBI now.

Then she breaks contract and employment law, as well as wire fraud, conspiracy and some other laws, paying off an employee to leave a company and push her into the position, betting on the outcome of court case.

yishan was bribed to step down as CEO and promote her (they'd planned it for a while, but they needed some "reason" and they could't find one... hence the ludicrous exit yishan had) REDDIT STAFF KNOW THIS, they are just too chicken-shit to do anything about it.

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