273 words Focused Feedback: Sunsetting 170 words Bungie has been ignoring core playlists long before the game went free to play 166 words Endless loot that is all garbage isn’t a fun feeling 305 words My favourite thing about the warlock stasis melee now is... 233 words Bungie creating a 'Freelance' competitive mode, but no other freelance modes is honestly infuriating as a solo player. 403 words Shadowkeep felt like a filler dlc to hold us over until the next large dlc but now beyond light feels like a filler dlc too.... 143 words Bungie, the crucible quests for fragments are way to hard and inconsistent. 242 words Should Gambit have a freelance playlist? 129 words Un-sunset the Moon and Dreaming city weapons 125 words Did Bungie really not update the world weapon loot pool?? 129 words Daily Discussion - Free Talk Friday! 331 words What I learned getting the Reckoner title without a fireteam. 126 words Okay not to be toxic but..... Don't hand out Anarchy and Tarrabah to all players 259 words This sub is far too hyperbolic.... 141 words The awkward trip to the tower after an LFG raid is the equivalent of trying to leave after having sex with a stranger at their apartment 171 words I got news for you: Bungie isn't going to change sunsetting no matter how much logical criticism we give them. 172 words SBMM, Exploring the Other Side. 191 words Bringing back old weapons with the same rolls makes sunsetting pointless 195 words Grandmaster nightfalls is the worst "content" ever made in destiny. 132 words Bungie, allow me to Revoke your Beloved notions on sniper zoom