124 words I know this might rub some of you the wrong way but... 120 words With these threatening messages, I have one thing to say. 496 words Bungie Internal Dialogue 139 words As a PvP player who bought the season pass, I feel like my investment wasn't worth it. 335 words DeeJ: "Eight minutes of developer commentary are inbound." [in reference to tomorrows Season of the Drifter ViDoc] 116 words Strikes in their Current State are Boring 121 words Crucible development team doesn’t exist. Prove me wrong Dmg/cozmo 478 words Why are PvE changes made in response to PvP issues? 140 words Gambit Feedback Request 731 words Petition to Rehire Martin O’Donnell 260 words Our Destiny 320 words The elephant in the room is that Bungie has yet to deliver on why this season pass model is better. 143 words I don't play competitive. But I REALLY want Bungie to fix it, so I'm not getting bent over in Quickplay by stacks of players who constantly do. 186 words If Bungie leaves behind D2 guns in D3 like they did with D1... 195 words A Big Problem I Have With Destiny 2: I Feel Pressured By Time-Exclusive Content 236 words Seriously, why is glimmer in the game? 210 words Fast guide to unlocking izanami forge. 144 words Bungie, the Dreaming City Ship's drop rate is far too abysmal for an activity that's once every three weeks to justify it's drop rate, can we please up the chances of getting it? 124 words Bungie dev explains why bosses are sometimes just bigger enemies 266 words Bungie, how our Guardians look is half the fun, stop requiring Enhancement Cores for Infusion