169 words If Whisper only returned as a market strat for hype, I don’t want to see OBP suffer the same fate. Power with an expiry date is not good for longevity even if any balance is done for that purpose 118 words Daily Discussion - Salt-Free Saturday! 138 words Vote with your wallets, people: Do not spend a single dime on EVERVERSE or THE BUNGIE STORE until these planned nerfs are reversed. 135 words Bungie: please reconsider drop rate for Season of Opulence. Season of the Drifter was exactly the opposite of how we want to grind for guns. 458 words Let's play a little game, with the leaks for destiny 3 being out, using your knowledge of past destiny history. I want you to pitch your idea for the opening cutscene. Be as crazy and ambitious as you want... 949 words Stomp mechanics on Bridge of Folly does not make it hard or enjoyable. It is more of a annoyance and a badly designed mechanic. 161 words “We really believe [peer-to-peer] is the best model for all of Destiny 2's varied cooperative and competitive experiences.” -Bungie 237 words Thinking about Lunas/NF/Recluse/Mountaintop 140 words Considering the cost of the annual pass and the amount of content provided its criminal we get so few patches. 140 words Please consider the person on the other end of your hate messages. They have feelings too. 167 words Revelry in Crucible/Competitive 142 words Destiny 2 Update 2.2.1 124 words I know this might rub some of you the wrong way but... 120 words With these threatening messages, I have one thing to say. 496 words Bungie Internal Dialogue 139 words As a PvP player who bought the season pass, I feel like my investment wasn't worth it. 335 words DeeJ: "Eight minutes of developer commentary are inbound." [in reference to tomorrows Season of the Drifter ViDoc] 116 words Strikes in their Current State are Boring 121 words Crucible development team doesn’t exist. Prove me wrong Dmg/cozmo 478 words Why are PvE changes made in response to PvP issues?