The last update we have from Bungie about investigating high FPS resulting in numerous problems was just over a year ago. I would like to follow up and see if there has been any movement on this.

How one earth did that slip past Q&A??

Does everyone on the Q&A team play on capped FPS?

Gonna posit you a question: why are you so sure that it did that you feel comfortable blaming an entire team of people?

Because if we're all intelligent and educated here, we're aware that QA (not the Questions & Answers team) logs bugs in (usually) Jira, they are not the programmers and thus are not responsible for fixing the bugs, nor dictating what bugs are fixed which would be the project manager's job in dictating priorities and to meet time tables.

Seriously, in any game when you find an "obvious" bug very easily it almost always was found by QA, logged in Jira, and then marked WNF (Will Not Fix) by the development team for upcoming builds because it's simply low prio compared to far worse issues and would require too many resources to solve.

Maybe they could spend those resources to make the grav lifts work right (alongside everything else, which at this point requires a rework in how the engine works to make it not so reliant on framerate for calculations), but woops now they don't have enough time to fix a softlock in the raid, or something that corrupts your entire character data, or something that BDOD's your PC, or...

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