209 words ‘Lightyear’ Box Office: Behind the Pixar Movie’s Family Problem - The 'Toy Story' spinoff is suffering at theaters thanks to brand confusion, fierce competition and far-right politicians 111 words Finally, an MSM article acknowledges the effect of conservative movie goers against LIGHTYEAR 128 words Why Lightyear Underperformed At The Box Office 244 words what kind of Impact do you Think LGBTQ Representation Has on the Box office? 172 words ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Barrel-Rolling To $274M, Becoming Tom Cruise’s Top-Grossing Movie At Domestic Box Office 130 words Report: Password Sharing Costs Streaming Services $2.3 Billion in Annual Lost Membership Revenue 171 words The Batman continues to close the gap between itself and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, now just $9.96M behind the pace of the 2016 film after 2 full weeks. Its daily gross has stayed above BvS since Day 6, and its Week 2 weekdays dropped just -32% to -41% from Week 1 (vs -65% to -79% for BvS). 146 words The Matrix Resurrections has ended its domestic run with a total of $37.7M. 261 words According to Samba TV, 2.0M US households watched Eternals on Disney Plus in its first 5 days streaming. 131 words 'Alita: Battle Angel': Robert Rodriguez Is Still Open To Making An Sequel With James Cameron 117 words If The Last Jedi was not divisive when it came out, how much would it, Solo, and The Rise of Skywalker have made at the box office? 113 words Variety on Twitter - "The hybrid release can be good—you want customers to have the choice...Here's what I know: there's an opening weekend, and you can go see a movie," Kevin Feige says of #ShangChi's release. 169 words Do You Think The Box Office Will Ever Get Back To Where It Was Pre-Pandemic? 147 words So, who will win the Oct 1-3 weekend? 419 words To give you an idea of how poorly SAW: SPIRAL ($8.7M) opened this weekend, let's remember that deep in the heart of the pandemic last August, with maybe 30% of theaters open vs. 65% today, THE NEW MUTANTS debuted with $7M. 126 words Audiences Prefer Films With Diverse Casts, According to UCLA Study 294 words Variety: “Can Shia LaBeouf’s Career Survive After Abuse Allegations?” 173 words Judd Apatow Says Warner Bros. Showed ‘Stunning’ Disrespect in HBO Max Bombshell Decision 159 words Theater Owners Chief Warns Cinemas Will Go Bankrupt Unless Congress Acts 181 words Disney Wants to Be the Streamiest Place on Earth. Studio reorganization could change the way movie franchises like Star Wars and Marvel reach audiences