353 words A Garda Síochána question 194 words The maths of public transport in Galway 121 words Mortgage advice for A Dummy 213 words Sinn Féin voters: 151 words Garda update after vicious attack in Cork that was shared widely on social media 124 words UK tribunal dismisses appeal against ruling that all NI citizens are automatically born British 124 words I hate my Mother's husband and I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place 258 words 17yr old and 13 yr old dating in ireland. is this legal? 177 words Kevin Lunney doused with bleach and branded in 'excruciating' ordeal 159 words When someone is driving up your hole on the dual carriageway 117 words Same Sex Marriage And Abortion To Become Legal In Northern Ireland At Midnight...finally 163 words Seems a bit familiar...can’t for the life of me remember where I’ve seen all this before. /s 185 words 16 y/o out of control. 176 words US Congressman: “Speaking as an American who is interested in Northern Ireland and its people, I’m always struck by just how little my friends in England care about Northern Ireland. These are good people & true friends of mine. They just don’t know the first thing about NI or frankly care” 248 words Anyone here absolutely shit in the leaving and turned out fine to alleviate some of the pressure from people getting their results today? 166 words Every Irish person and especially Irish men need to hear this podcast 204 words Why do the Irish lack individuality? 232 words Maria Bailey facing revolt from local Fine Gael members in wake of swing-fall case - Maria Bailey is facing a revolt from within her own constituency, with calls from local members for her to be dropped from the Fine Gael election ticket. 132 words Man charged with having weapons outside Dublin nightclub 215 words Thousands of jobs at risk after main insurer for leisure sector pulls out