142 words The Dive mentioned half of LCS were not in favor of new scrim blocks. Who do we think those were? 190 words Thebausffs banned for inting after going 0/12 ingame and ending game 6/18 137 words I really miss Bilgewater ARAM (Butcher’s Bridge) event. I wish we can have stuff like that again 251 words The current state of ARAM balance is an absolute mess. 117 words It feels like Riot has put League in maintenance mode 152 words If you could reverse ANY ONE champion rework, which would you choose? 265 words Why do League players think everything was better back then? 235 words First impression: Reducing camp range feels aweful 157 words Misconception of Low Elo 122 words TSM announce the departure of entire 2022 LCS Academy roster 431 words This was the greatest Worlds ever and it has set the bar so high for the future. What do you think would have to happen next year to top this year? 233 words Champion Select Anonymity is coming to PBE! 148 words Thorin and MonteCristo say Hans Sama wanted to go to G2 in the 2021 offseason but was blocked by Rogue management. 136 words Chiefs Tally: "League is really flexible, and it’s really good when players like Froggy and ADD try out new stuff" 136 words If C9 makes it out of groups with T1 and EDG is in it. Does that push Jensen past Bjergsen as the best LCS Mid of all time? 178 words Comp: "I am absolutely confident going into Worlds, and I am really looking forward to some real bot lane competition.” 207 words Reddits Worlds 2022 Power Ranking 291 words What champion would you choose to climb out of low elo? 128 words Let's say you are a league of legends champion, tell us what would your kit be 150 words If Riot's esport department is so against Double Elimination at Worlds for League of Legends, why does Valorant's version of Worlds now have double elim both in groups (GSL groups) AND double elim in the playoff stage afterwards?