306 words today marks the 10th anniversary of the arrest by Assad's Intelligence of an entire family, Abdul Rahman Yassin (a chess champion), his wife & their 5 children. Their whereabouts are unknown to date. Fate of detainees in Assad's jails has long been requested, to no avail 140 words The Role of the Islamic State in the Assad Regime’s Strategy for Survival 108 words Syrians continue to demonstrate in northern Syria against the Assad regime and its allies. 167 words Blinken walks back State Department ambiguity over Turkish hostages killed in Iraq: After an earlier statement suggesting Washington didn't necessarily buy Ankara's narrative on the killings, the State Department today said that "PKK terrorists bear responsibility." 153 words Germany arrests a Daesh woman who, while living in Syria, used an enslaved Yezidi woman as her housekeeper 131 words Turkey is using Syrian militants as 'cannon fodder' for Libyan National Army 149 words Biweekly Question Thread | April 07, 2020 136 words World cannot afford to ignore Erdogan’s bullying 216 words Turkish soldiers lynching SAA POWs while rebels are protecting them 241 words Erdoğan: In this process, I hereby declare that if our soldiers at the Observation Points or elsewhere suffer the slightest damage, we will hit the regime forces EVERYWHERE without being bound by Idlib and the Sochi Memorandum. 125 words Intel: How Trump has laid the legal groundwork to strike Iran after Iraqi militia attacks 218 words Intel: How Trump has laid the legal groundwork to strike Iran after Iraqi militia attacks 114 words Kurdish people stand on top of a Russian armored vehicle that has Smashed windows. 135 words Why is Turkey still in NATO and what do the Turks think about it? 115 words U.S. withdrawal from Syria threatens Israel’s security - TV7 Israel News 157 words Russian Defense Ministry: Syria's Kurdish autonomous administration is unable to protect the population after it lost US support 175 words main points in the agreement between the SDF and the Syrian government 144 words A US official adds, “To be honest with you, it would be better for the US to support a Kurdish nation across Turkey/Syria/Iraq. It would be another Israel in the region." 487 words Turkish Foreign Minister says if planned Syria safe zone is not established an operation will be launched in East of Euphrates. U.S. envoy on Syria is in Turkey for talks today. Turkey’s Foreign Min. says he hopes an agreement on safe zones can be reached after talks 132 words What is the forecast for Syria? Is there any room for optimism?