World cannot afford to ignore Erdogan’s bullying

The question is, what can you do about it? There isn’t a cheap alternative here.

  • Military action against Turkey: Unrealistic, costly in terms of casualties and money. Will get a unified response and more rallying behind Erdogan.

  • Political isolation: Realistic, will push Turkey to seek other alliances, namely, Russian camp. Bad business for future power projection in Western Asia.

  • Economic sanctions: Realistic, mostly an EU thing, will cause big problems for Europe less power projection for them in West Asia, could escalate with Greece if Greeks are exploited against Turks.

The redditors in here and bunch of more emotional journalists/columnists overestimate how rest of the world see these issues. It is mainly a Europe thing, the rest cares neither for EU nor their (and our) “huge” problems.

Calm your butts folks.

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