Turkish soldiers lynching SAA POWs while rebels are protecting them

A personal anecdote that may or may not have any insight and may or may not even be true:

My dad was in the US Navy and was stationed in Korea for a period of time in 1957-58.

He said the place he was stationed was next door to a Turkish base of some kind.

Around the US base, they had 3 layers of barbed wire and tall fences. Around the Turkish base, they had a single strand of barbed wire. My dad said the US base kept having a problem with local thieves stealing just about anything that wasn't bolted down.

One day he was talking to some of the Turkish soldiers and asked them if they had similar problems. The Turkish soldiers laughed at my dad and basically said no never. He asked them how that could be. The Turkish soldiers explained that any time they caught a thief, they shot him on sight. Then they'd tie the body to a stake outside their base. Then if the family came to collect the body and insisted too vigorously, allegedly the Turkish soldiers would shoot them as well.

My dad always said that during wartime, the Turks are NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH.

Admins if my comment violates a rule of some kind please advise, thanks.

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