Intel: How Trump has laid the legal groundwork to strike Iran after Iraqi militia attacks

I know, but as I just said. They aren't indigenous designs, and they aren't very promising.

For example their "new" and "fearsome" Khordad 15 system, which is supposed to fill their MRAD umbrella is a reverse engineered SM-1 missile from pre-1979, with some expertise and radar design elements gained from the 60s Chinese HQ-2 systems (itself based on old Soviet design) they were able to acquire.

Likewise their LRSAM, the Bavar-373 which is supposed to be an Iranian equivalent to the S-300, is aging. At least it has more indigenous design elements, but it can't escape the fact they are using cold war Russian technology that was already defeated in Iraq. It's ancient technology now, no matter how much they have tried to refine the designs.

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