Biweekly Question Thread | April 07, 2020

Were the OPCW Douma Docs proved or were they disproved?

Some of the investigators did not agree with the overall judgement and claimed there were political interference, however their provenance is not 100% certain, and they've neither been improved or disproved. Overall the UN blames Assad for it even if there are dissenters, though this does suggest perhaps the evidence is murkier and less clear than the west paints it out to be.

This sub is pro-Assad and highlights the dissenters more, but don't make the mistake of thinking that they are automatically correct bcs the US is imperialist and shit. Really, there's not an absolute consensus so as to say "this is what happened full stop", but most of the evidence points towards that the attacks were perpetrated with the consent of the Syrian govt, however, that's not to say it's 100% true, which is not really the case.

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