Intel: How Trump has laid the legal groundwork to strike Iran after Iraqi militia attacks

If you didnt think it was possible, why bring it up and say it would be interesting if it happened? Sounds like you're contradicting yourself now.

I do think it's possible, I just said it's not "reasonably possible". This is not an absolute statement either way. I think it would be interesting to see what would happen in such a case. I don't think it's likely to happen.

Then why is the US carrier fleet afraid to even enter the Persian Gulf right now? Its docked out somewhere in the choppy waters of the Gulf of Oman

Except it's not. It was in the Persian Gulf earlier this month. Carriers don't sit in one place and are generally constantly moving. They're never "docked" in open water and keep moving, even if it's moving in circles. (There's no fuel to use as the nuclear reactors are always running and generating steam to power the ships.)

Recently it left the Gulf again and headed for Asia and CVN-75 is replacing it.

You're believing the opinion of some journalist who is only a correspondent with the Pentagon and acting as if it's fact.

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