153 words Business owner slams corporate media for misleading them about Bernie Sanders 128 words Soo...Let's pray. We'll forget it in a week. 355 words Glad Obama got Bin Laden before Trump could befriend him 116 words Globalism 122 words Donald Trump's 'racist' tweets: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Evans and Janelle Monae hit back at the President 116 words 31 years ago my cousine, his wife and 2 children (6 and 2 years old) were killed with 286 other civilians on-board on flight IR655 on their way to Dubai. The captain of the American warship received a medal instead of going to prison. 186 words Defining Differences.... 213 words CBS host embarrasses herself in Bernie Sanders interview 110 words Inhumane, the us government is a sick joke. 112 words Outrage on Capitol Hill over ‘completely unacceptable’ US-funded scheme to shape Iran debate (Smearing US citizens!) 161 words Education isn't enough. 375 words Florida governor signs law making it illegal to advocate for Palestinian human rights because it's "antisemitic". 125 words Why there are no democracies in ME? 121 words Praise be 152 words Reasons Why Women Have Abortions: 124 words "BUT my kids would never..." 523 words Saudi Arabia beheads a 16-year-Old boy (Abdulkareem al-Hawaj) for sending Instagram messages about anti-government protests. But Saudis ... petrodollar ... geopolitics 141 words Amazes me how daft some people can be 165 words America is the greatest country change my mind 141 words About 30% of the country actually look up to this disgrace.