1.3.0d Patch Notes

Version 1.3.0d

General Improvements:

The Bloodlines mod Order of the Frozen Sky now deals less damage, but gains damage as each member of its pack is killed. The mod will no longer spawn on monster types that are hidden by default.

The art for Kinetic Blast has been made blue to prevent it from appearing disabled when it is active.

When using Stash Item Highlighting, the itemlevel is no longer searched by default. To search for an item level you can specify either "itemlevel:X" or "ilvl:X" where X is the level number. There cannot be a space before or after the colon, or before or after the number.

Clicking a Stash Tab or hitting enter will deselect the Stash Item Highlighting box. while the highlight textbox is selected will now deselect the textbox. CTRL+F will focus the textbox and select all text inside.

Changed the wording on Smashing Strikes to clarify that endurance charges are only gained from melee critical strikes.

Fixed a bug in the Bloodlines league where the Shrouded monster effect rotated with the monster.

Guardian of the Mound, one of the unique bosses in The Prisoner's Gate, has had its Storm Call cast speed reduced. The cooldown length for its Vaal Fireball Totem has been increased in Normal and Cruel.

Player vs Player Changes:

Based on early PvP results, we are making a few balance changes before Tournament Season One starts.

Flicker Strike has been given a PvP damage penalty of 30%. Flicker Strike does too much damage relative to other melee skills and provides substantial utility in the form of movement and trap avoidance.

An informational icon has been added to indicate whether you are under the effect of Elemental Equilibrium. Many PVP results were decided by Elemental Equilibrium, yet the player affected did not have the information to understand this was a pivotal element of the result.

The T-override for Explosive Arrow has been changed from 1 second to 0.4 seconds. Explosive Arrow was doing too much damage based on the scaling override not accurately representing the time to apply charges.

Clones from Mirror Arrow and Blink Arrow now have minimap icons.

Some tweaks have been made to PvP match areas.

A "Leave" button has been added for PvP spectators.

Fixed a bug where draws were being treated as losses for both parties.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug where Riposte did not correctly perform to-hit checks.

Fixed a bug where the "Team has won the Match" banner can show up after you have left a PvP arena.

Fixed a bug where the PvP results screen could persist into the next area.

Fixed a bug where Doomsower's added fire damage would not apply.

Fixed a bug with the interaction of Kinetic Blast and Point Blank.

Fixed an instance crash.

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