16f , please be as brutal as you want and give some advice on how I can improve

Don't touch your face with your hands. If you do, wash it after. Keep your hair tied up or in a headband or a beanie. You don't want your hair touching your forehead. You're producing lots of grease right now in your hair and it's causing your acne to get worse.

Use shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo first. Then conditioner. I would recommend a dandruff shampoo to fight the grease. Head and Shoulders or even Selsen Blue. You want to get the grease out of your hair. So, I would shampoo with Selsen Blue, leave it in for a couple of minutes until it burns. Then, shampoo with a nice moisturizer shampoo or whatever is your favorite. Then condition, dry your hair and keep it out of your face. Or Selsen Blue and then shampoo/conditioner combo..

You're going to be really pretty in a couple of years. Although, I think you're really cute if you washed up. Don't get fat and the boys/girls will be lining up to date you. Just have passion for your hobbies and people will find that attractive. The better you are at your hobbies, the more attractive it is. Ignore any comments about your face proportions. You're attractive, trust me.

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