31 female, seem to have reached a point where all substances physically harm me??

I honestly dont think it was the microdosing so much, as I only tested that theory for 2 weeks, maybe 2 or 3 times a week. This issue seems to have been a whileeee in the making. When I think honestly about it, over the last 8 years I havent consistently abstained from things for longer than 2-3 weeks. I think its just a bunch of built up damage and I probably need to step off everything and heal completely. I cant even explain it. 3 beers at this point through me into a weird half space where I dont even feel real. I think this is just maybe the effects of long term use of various substances that screw with the brains horomones. It has to be. I can eat 3 hits and get very little visuals and only back pain / paranoia. (while everyone else is tripping hard from the same). I literally think I burnt it all out. Wasnt always like this, so Im not thinking its due to a mental issue. The ONLY time I experience instability mentally is after alcohol / drug usage. Getting old I guess

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