In 48hours Rites Sunday School starts! 2v2 tourney, 50€ first place, 16 teams

Tournament starts at 12PM GMT, 2PM CEST


Sign ups open, PM me.

Prize pool:

50EUR, winner takes it all

top 4 teams guaranteed entry next tournament.

set up:

16 teams, 2v2

1 game each round(5 rounds), bo3 for the final

show up to discord 30minutes before start of round


Currently 8 spots open

Message me here or on discord (UN:teist#0005), include team name and player names

4 spots reserved for rank14+ players

streaming I will be streaming the tournament through teistgg

Really hoping to make this a weekly thing. Hoping to get your support, either through watching the stream, playing in the tournament or if there is something else you want to do, contact me.

I can't spit in 50EUR of my own money every week, but starting out strong, and then maybe half it next week, or find some other way to boost prize pool.

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