#657: The Runaways

Look I’m from Ecuador, I speak 3 languages. Have an IELTS certificate of 6.5. But I’m the exception you can not expect the same from poor families that migrate to have a better future. Low income families here don’t have a chance to learn a new language. You can not expect a child to translate for the police, they have the resources to pay a translator they should have them on the station, the neighborhood is 90% Latino with people who only speak Spanish, so that is not an excuse. On the other hand the detective did speak Spanish only to say horrible remarks, an then he didn’t even bother to speak Spanish. The girl was traumatized, an the detectives attack her, that is just wrong, she was 15 years old, she is not a translator nor is she a full grown woman who knows how life works, so you can’t expect her to act calm and collected in that situation. It really pains me to hear this, an coming from an immigrant like yourself, shame on you, for trying to trivialize the families and the victims with your comment. And that is my two cents.

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