Advice on my situation? (Trigger warning for those not supporting abortion)

I (23) had an IUD for 2 years before my then bf (now husband) and I got pregnant. No one informed me that you’re not supposed to use a menstural cup while having an IUD due to the risk of the string being pulled by the cup. My IUD had become stuck in my cervix and I had no pain from it, so I was unaware until I was 3 days late for my period and craving things I hadn’t had in years. We weren’t financially stable enough, and I didn’t want either of us to end up finding a job we hate just to provide, so we decided on having an abortion. I made an appointment at a planned parenthood, and the doctors/nurses there were very supportive and reassuring. They informed me that I was 7 weeks pregnant at that point. I decided to do the in-clinic abortion since they had to remove the IUD, and I also couldn’t afford to miss more work than I already had due to dealing with hyperemesis gravidarium. Having the abortion was not easy, and although I experienced a depressive episode afterwards, I also felt extremely relieved afterwards. I was lucky enough to have multiple people to support me through the process, and I would highly recommend therapy, just to help with the mental healing process. Neither of us regret our decision( it’s been 3 years), as it was the best one for that time of our lives, and we look forward to being able to start a family in a few years.

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