After weeks of reading toxic Facebook comment threads I caved and tried to reason with very vocal people who have bigoted attitudes and racist points of view.

yes, it is important to ignore what actual muslims say to maintain the ideal of the mythological muslim that a certain liberal narrative likes to conjure.

If you can find a muslim, a real one, to say that parts of the koran are not relevant, then you'll have found someone that the vast majority of muslims will say is an apostate. is there a real choice in religion if leaving the religion, even in a liberal country like England, results in death threats?

I keep being told that certain people are not real muslims, for example that the perpetrator of the recent attack in manchester was not a muslim, strange that he was brought up as one, memorised the koran, lived in a muslim culture, went to mosque, was thrown out of his local islamic centre for trying to stay there all night so that he could read the holy books, did a beautiful rendition of the call to prayer etc etc, but no, he isnt a real muslim, because of something that he did that is actually supported by koranic verses and hadiths.

i'd imagine someone who smokes, drinks, doesn't mind gays or jews, thinks that women are the equal of men and should be treated as such and rejects vast swathes of the koran is actually the REAL muslim that we are pinning our hopes on.

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