AHS Leak Account Hint That Hasn't Really Been Discussed

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This ALL has been driving me nuts too. Let's break this shit down and piece togethThis ALL has been driving me nuts too. Let's break this shit down and piece together what all we have so far from the leak account. I could be off, but as I investigate these clues I am beginning to notice clues on tops of clues because of patterns the leaker is using..which is think is both subliminal and intentional. Here are most but not all of the clues they have given thus far.


  • We now know Evan is playing both Edward Phillipe, and Edward Rory Mott. Therefore Rory Mott is a MRN nightmare actor playing Edward Phillipe Mott. Using context clues claiming Rory is renowned (possibly famous due to his success in some war movie..but like Edward Phillipe he may not like the fame and prefers "Isolation" which seems to be this years thene) this leads me to believe that the clues "Hollywood" "A list actor" "agent" "Saturn" "comic con" "top network programming" "war movie" "movie inspiration" are all given as cluster clues that ties into the same storyline. Knowing Rory is a relative of Edward Phillipe, and that Dandy Mott was also an inspiring actor, this also leads me to believe that Rory is an actor by day, psychopath by night..he most likely inherited this house and property and is possibly even protected by his great uncle or whatever relation EPM is to him. I suspect Rory is behind all Of it..he places people in a situation where they will die, (maybe the real Matt Miller was related to Guiness and Rory holds some grudge) before killing himself in the basement of the house. The last thing we see is him lying dead in the basement by the TV where lee and Shelby first saw the tape with Dennis. But Now we see that what began as reenactment footage was a scheme to lure people into Rory being able to capture murder and death on film..via "hidden cameras"..which is his art. Once again another Mott is alone with his "art." Someone finds his dead body and tape..the tape is made into a directors cut and Rory post-humorously wins the Saturn awards. His work is done..Rory is dead and Murde is now "Murder."

  • 9/3/16-Audrey-possibly sarah or GaGa. Most likely GAGA due to cluster clues..initials are common EPM and ERM..Agnes Winstead leads me to believe there is an Audrey Winstead..and Shelby is played by Sidney. Maybe reaching a bit.

  • 9/3/16/-Sidney-possibly sarah or gaga. Im guessing sarah

  • 9/3/16-Shelby-Shelby Miller

  • 9/3/16-Agnes-confirmed as Kathys character.

  • 9/3/16-Hollywood-context clues allude to a storyline involving Evans character.

  • 9/3/16-Saturn-alludes to a possibility of the Saturn awards..along with comic con, top network programming, etc.

  • 9/3/16-Butcher-Kathys character.

  • 9/3/16-Agent-possibly ties into MRN/ERM storyline...feel like Cheyenne may be Evans agent.

  • 9/3/16-911 Operator-Chapter 5 explains this.

  • 9/3/16-Screen Test-MRN..possibly shows the director/producer/crew testing their hidden cams.

  • 9/3/16-Hidden Cameras-possibly alludes to MRN.

  • 9/3/16-Parlor Cam-see above

  • 9/3/16-Film Industry-see Rory mott

  • 9/3/16-Movie Inspiration-see Rory Mott

  • 9/3/16-Agent-see Rory Mott

  • 9/3/16-Cleaver-the butcher:kathy-possibly in relation to the 10/14 clue for episode 6 with kathy standing outside of window with cleaver. My gut instinct says she kills Gagas character (not schathac) which is also supposedly agnes' daughter

  • 9/3/16-Library-possibly alludes to research..which means someone Is either trying to tell a real story, create a new story, or use old stories to cover something up.

  • 9/3/16-Comic Con-see Rory mott

  • 9/3/16-Top Network Programs-see above

  • 9/3/16-War Movie-see above

  • 9/3/16-A List Actor-see above

  • 9/3/16-Monet-im guessing this is Angelas character when she isn't being Lee Harris. Monet could also be an M in "Murde)

  • 9/3/16-Dominic-the placement of dominic above Matt Makes me think Cuba is playing an actor named Dominic who plays Matt Miller on MRN.

  • 9/3/16-Matt-Cubas character (Possible letter in Murde)

  • 9/3/16-Piggyman-various info throughout this thread

  • 9/3/16-Bridgett-nurse

  • 9/3/16-Lee-lee harris MRN

  • 9/3/16-Miranda-nurse (possible letter in "MURDE"

  • 9/3/16-Nurse-BRIDGETT and Miranda

  • 9/3/16-BackYard Hot Tub-chapter 1 or 2 explains this

  • 9/3/16-Bloody Fist-?

  • 9/3/16-Running Water-?

Perfect example of cluster clues..edward Phillipe Mott and Mason died of burned bodies.

  • 9/3/16-The Burned Body-Mason and edward both died of burned Bodies. Agnes and Ambrose were also on fire at times lol.

  • 9/3/16-Mason-burned to death (Murde-)

* 9/3/16-Edward-burned to death

* 9/3/16-Rory-will probably burn to death and then Murde-R

  • 9/5/16-Old English-possibly im relation to the colonists and/or EPM.

  • 9/5/16-Window Shadow-see 10/14 AMW cleaver clue.

  • 9/11/16-Text symbols representing what appears to be "Directors cut"

  • 9/20/16-Says Sarahs charActer (not Shelby) is NOT in a relationship with Cubas character.

  • 9/20/16-"Yes her character is Agnes Mary Winstead" (in regard to Kathys characters.)

  • 9/20/16-"As for the main villain it's probably obvious but it's Agnes and the colony." This leads me to believe that even if Matt and Shelby ARE lying, the colony and Agnes really exist.

  • 9/20/16-Says Piggyman isn't really a villain, but more of a victim and a supernatural being brought to life by another.

  • 9/22/16-Says Evan is playing an actor.

  • 9/22/16-Freakshow=>Evan<=Roanoke. Duh evan is the connection between them.

  • 9/22/16-Says Gaga is not in the whole season and has a very interesting storyline.

  • 9/22/16-"Theres a lot more to Matt and Shelbys characters than you know." Probably liars and/or people being set up. Maybe Rory schemed them into running some Financial scam where they get money from his property or house by being involved with this documentsry, then he lures them back to the house and with the help of hidden cameras they become his psychopathic-art!

  • 9/22/16-Hints at the colonists not actually being ghosts.

  • 9/22/16-Says Lana will not be associated with AHS. On various other dates they also claim we wont visit Murderhouse, No Billie Dean, and Jessica Lange will not play the Real butcher.

  • 9/23/16-Retweets Brad Falchuk "Episodes 1-5, 6-9, and 10 are all like their own thing."

  • 9/23/16-Rules out a past AHS CHARACTER WTching MRN within the AHS universe as a connection.

  • 9/25/16-Edward Rory mott will be involved with MRN and not apart of the reenactment.

  • 9/25/16-Says they consider a "change in format" the plot twist and we should too.

  • 9/25-16-Describes Rory as "Renowned." This again alludes me to believe that The "A list actor" "movie inspiration" "Hollywood" "agent" clues are given in a cluster that all tie into Evans character.

  • 9/26/16-Says Kathy is the main villain and will be throughout the season.

  • 9/26/16-Mason will not survive the season. Confirmed

  • 9/27/16-Cheyenne and Evan will be introduced in episode 6, Finn shortly thereafter. This alludes me to believe Cheyenne was the voice talking to Lee in episode 3..context clues show Evan as Rory is involved with MRN, therefore evan and Cheyenne are working together. context clues show that Evan is playing both "EdwRd Phillipe" and "Edward Rory" Mott, therefore Edward Rory Mott is a MRN actor playing a re-enactment charActer of his actual ancestor.

  • 9/28/16-"No Aliens"

  • Today-"Evan peters? Gay?(upside down question mark) straight? Sarah Paulson?" Again The clusters and placement of question marks allude to the leaker hinting at Rory Mott and Sarahs character (not Shelby) being in a relationship.

  • today-"AMW dressed as the butcher without wig or makeup is seen standing outside of a window with a cleaver in one hand looking deranged." Probably will see this in episode 6. My guess is Kathy is now possessed by the butcher and her first victim is her Daughter (gaga.) this Introduces real danger (not A perfect illusion) and also dismisses Gaga from s6 to pursued her musical stretch.

PS: james Patrick March

edward Phillipe Mott

edward Rory Mott

We get it Already Ryan Patrick Murphy! We've been getting it since the RM47 (years old) serum in coven!

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