AITA for buying a gun and not telling my parents about it

Taurus 1911 if you're interested

I'm not, neither are your parents it's their house, they could say they want curling irons in the joint and still be inn the right.

You know they're anti gun, you even say it's for valid reasons but you not only brought one in their home but you very specifically hid it that shows you know it's wrong that shows you know they don't want one on their property

That shows you're not nearly matured enough to be trusted with the Damn thing because you're sneaking around with it like a child you got the money for the gun then you got the money to rent a locker at the range or a safe deposit box at the bank you say it's not for self defense then there's no reason to keep it in their house when they don't want it there.

And yes I'm sure they are gonna give you the ultimatum soon about either it goes or you do because I'd have given you 30 days when I found it because you can't be trusted to be in my house anymore

Gun safety includes every single person in the house knowing where it is at all times and you failed that you failed your parents and you're failing yourself

If you want to make this right apologize and store it somewhere else

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