AITA got p*shed downstairs after I p*shed someone to the ground

Anyways one night I was talking with my dad about some jerk and we mentioned that he was married to some woman. We’ll say her last name was Hurcherson. I don’t know this girl personally but I know different family members of hers that are not very nice people. Jokingly I said to my dad that she was a good match for him. My sister (we’ll call her Tiana) was sitting nearby and then joined in the conversation saying that I didn’t like anyone who was well liked by other people. I immediately got annoyed because it was another false claim about me and she wasn’t involved in the conversation. I tried arguing saying that I was not alone in my feelings towards this family and that I actually liked lots of other people that are well liked. We argued back and forth and I said something along the lines of “well of course you’d like this family” (remember she hasn’t had the best taste in people in the past) we argued and eventually she argued that I like some of her current friends and then I said that that was true so maybe I was wrong in the statement I made earlier and If I was wrong that might mean she was wrong too in the statement she made about me. At one point I had a yearbook beside me and started pointing out all the people that were popular in my high school that I liked just to prove my point and she didn’t like that. It was probably excessive but I’m sick of her making stupid claims about me. She said something about other people being so sick of me talking crap. She made it out to sound like people were talking crap about me but she couldn’t say who and I know that she was lying. We both probably said some things we shouldn’t and my dad was there watching the whole thing. Before me and my dad’s conversation my dad and I had actually argued about something else so he was slightly annoyed with me for arguing with Tiana as well. I eventually left to go downstairs to my room which I share with an older sister. Older sister was in there with headphones and door was locked so I was knocking and she couldn’t hear me. So I started banging trying to get her attention. I overheard my dad talk to himself and say ‘who’s she bugging now”. (Btw my dad has anger issues and tends to be mean himself when he gets angry he also needs therapy) I was already slightly heated from the argument with tiana and that made me all the more mad so I started back up the stairs and and repeated what he had said to let him know I heard. Final part coming soon.

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