AITA for telling my girlfriend to stop playing dumb and refusing to answer her question?

NTA. For everyone who said he blindsided her and gave a shitty response- nah. Scars and deformities are normal, & not something to gawk at which is exactly what she did. She made it a point to stare all night & made everyone uncomfortable, and she waited until they were alone to get TEA- not because she was “blindsided”, she wanted to know the “why” for gossip reasons. Because there is no real reason she needs to know this man’s business she is not close to. Its so obvious by how rude she was.

OP stated their relationship between the friend & family, thats the information that needs to be shared that was shared. Do you go around telling your friends’ intimate business about all the scars they have? The idea is silly af.

OP could’ve said something better than what he did but still NTA, and he was right to say he didn’t feel like he had to warn her bc he expected her to treat him like a human being.

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