231 words AITA for calling out my friend for speaking to my partner behind my back, when she had requested distance from us both (because she had feelings for him)? 178 words AITA for coming into work "just on time"? 210 words AITA Roommate won't let me use the balcony we both pay for 167 words AITA for putting my foot down against my in-laws proving child care? 623 words AITA for not treating my gf better? 302 words AITA for not letting my BF take 150$ an hour tennis lessons? 135 words AITA for giving my daughter's vegan friend meaty meals during sleepovers? 202 words AITA for wanting closure 161 words AITA for asking my daughter if she is sure about being a lesbian? 167 words AITA for packing “healthy” food in my husbands lunch? 125 words AITA for holding a girl’s driver’s license hostage? 124 words AITA for “ruining” my friend’s career? 199 words AITA for drinking absinthe at a job interview? 694 words WIBTA If I told my black landlord about my racist roommates? 275 words AITAH For not wanting to be part of my child’s life? 218 words AITA For threatening legal action against my mother? 123 words AITA for calling out my parents in front of family? 169 words AITA for refusing to step into the life of a child I fathered 8 years ago because the child's mother begged me not to be involved as soon as she was born but she now wants my help? 160 words AITA for kicking my SIL out of my baby shower? 159 words AITA for telling my best friend in front of our other friends she stopped being supportive of me a long time ago?