171 words AITA for going through my 17 year old daughters luggage to "confiscate" all the thong bikinis she bought and was going to wear on vacation? 132 words WIBTA if I stopped inviting my triggered friend to movie night? 226 words AITA is I cut my wife off from our bank accounts while she's overspending on a vacation? 146 words AITAH for cancelling plans with friends last minute? 141 words AITA for missing the premature birth of my sister's twins who passed away because the flight ticket was too expensive? 230 words AITA for threatening to not allow my children to visit my parents alone if they don't stop trying to convert my children to Christianity? 200 words AITA for getting grossed out when unclogging my wife's breast duct 325 words AITA for not wanting a relationship with my twin sister? 124 words AITA for getting kicked out of class for correcting a science teacher? 115 words AITA for telling an American girl I'm seeing to stop fetishizing my accent? 146 words AITA for not wanting both of my parents to be in the same room together during the holidays? 146 words AITA for using the money I won in a lottery to finance my own dream vacation across Europe/Asia besides on my kid’s student loan debt? 198 words WIBTA for dumping my boyfriend because he used to be an incel? 130 words AITA for telling my wife it’s time for her business to grow or her to get a job? 211 words AITA for not wanting to pay for my daughters baby? 669 words AITA for not wanting my BF's family to come over without me knowing? 160 words WIBTA if I suggested to my fiancé that his 12 year old daughter doesn’t come to our wedding and we make it an adult only wedding? 114 words AITA for assuming every girl my lesbian daughter brings home is her girlfriend ? 176 words WIBTA if I snuck my cats into a new apartment? 445 words AITA for adopting a dog with the same name as my daughter?