I am 1/2 black and 1/2 white, I've been lurking on this site for months. Finally deciding to share a story.

Look. Look at what Africa has accomplished in lets say, 500 years. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Those are the genes of the African.

This makes no sense. Your arguments are based on the shoddiest logic I've ever seen.

Here's your logic at work:

(1) Africa has accomplished nothing. (2) Because of (1), all Black people have the same genes.

This logic is not valid at all. The way I see it: the latter proposition doesn't follow from the former. Please explain to me how the first proposition implies the second one. Are you really thinking about the logic of your arguments or are you just saying random sentences?

Fair point about strawman. My point being, ONE smart negro doesn't mean the whole race is good. They cannot live in first world society. This is a fact. Look at the societies they have in Africa. Also, where are the intelligent negros in Africa, innovating their civilization? Oh that's right, their accomplishments come from being in a white society, around whites, being taught by whites. As I have said, Africa is a cesspit.

What are you on about? We were talking about if all Blacks were niggers. When did I say the entire race was good? When did I say the societies in Africa were developed? When did I say any of this shit? None of this is relevant to the topic of whether all Blacks are niggers.

As I've said, it's true. I know there are "good blacks", but One smart negro. Good for him. His seed will not be smart. Regression to the mean.

So wait...regression to the mean is why all blacks are niggers? So why did you say below all Blacks are niggers simply because you've defined "nigger" to be synonymous with Blacks? If your argument is simply "the meaning of nigger is a black person" then what does regression in the mean have to do with any of this?

A black. They are interchangeable.

Okay, so basically this is your argument: a nigger, by definition, is a synonym for a Black person. That's the entirety of your argument. Therefore, when you say "all Blacks are niggers", your basically saying "all Blacks are Black" or "all niggers are niggers", which are useless statements. Your entire argument is reduced to a pointless tautology.

I love how you're trying to make me look stupid.

I'm honestly not trying. Your arguments are based on invalid logic and you keep jumping from topic to topic.

You're probably an Anarchist faggot.

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