I am Amy Vilela, a healthcare activist, business woman, grieving mother, and Democratic congressional candidate running FOR THE PEOPLE in NV CD-4. AMA!

How do you feel about the fact that in a single-payer healthcare system, the quality of healthcare is horrible? Many people die just waiting for a doctor to check up on them in Canada, imagine what would happen in America when we have 287 million more people living within the country. Wouldn't it be better to fix the problems we have with our current healthcare system, so quality and universality can be achieved? It's also a fact that the wealthy, would pay even higher in taxes, which would cause numerous problems. Taxes for everyone would increase dramatically, many economists argue that it would be a lot more than what the average Canadian pays per capita. When you position healthcare as a true service and deregulate that industry, prices/expenses plummet. If you advocate the opposite of what you're advocating for, you'll achieve what you're trying to achieve, which is healthcare reform that actually works. I suggest you listen to conservative commentators such as Ben Shapiro, who have researched upon this topic for years and most notably, have never lost a debate.

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