Am I too big to pass

I understand where your coming from for sure I’ve been there. I didn’t want to even have people wonder if I was trans. I transitioned a few months and during just dressed as a boy and hiding it because I also just wanted to be perceived as cis gender. Ik. Not everyone wants the trans I’m different look at me label. But this is my advice from person experience. Stay true to urself period. If this is a concern about being cis rather than being viewed as fake or like people need to play along with who ur “trying” to be then you should dress appropriate to your body that means your hair also. Mayb for the first 6 months of transition wear boy clothes and present as that only. Never fake your voice. When you come to a point where your body matches your clothing choices then people will not look at you like ur playing fantasy they will see that ur body matches your fashion aesthetic not that ur trying to be something your not for them to play along to. Transition takes time nobody looks passable in their first year. My voice and Adam’s apple gives me away Mayb my brow bone too buttt I never get stares from people, I’ve never been harassed and I believe that this is because people view me as valid not as I’m trying to be something I’m not. People might call me he when I’m talking and I don’t expect anything different because if you want people to be considerate of u then u should be considerate of how they view you. If they do it out of disrespect that different. Ig my point is that transition isn’t about becoming a whole different person because we’re not cis gendered it’s about becoming a better more truer version of urself. I think if this concern is preventing u from transition then you should really ask urself if ur trans. ❤️ these are my opinions from my personal transition. I say just be natural and nobody will treat u like ur playing dress up they won’t feel like they are playing along.

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