Good morning. I have a couple questions.

1) It's obvious that you were looking at the feedback from the COMPLETELY OVERKILL Pack since you only felt the need to drop in and tell everyone that you love "Unreal Tournament" while only responding to praise. Is there any plans of changing the method of how we are supposed to receive our "1 out of 25 limited item" within our limited item? Some people said it's a good idea to be able to receive them via playing with other players that have one that you don't. Some people said it's a good idea to also give us a choice in what we choose. There was a lot of great ideas thrown around but since OVERKILL is busy with the Spring Break content, nothing has been said about it. Do you think you can go without punishing the biggest investors of the Hype Train and actually prove that "you SALUTE us" by giving us something that we are asking for?

2) Infamy 2.0. I don't know where you got this information from, but you said that "The initial response has been very positive". The community discussion, reddit, 4chan and your Facebook page seem to think otherwise because from what it looks like the initial response has been very negative. I'm only here to present you this link that I'm sure you've already seen: The community has banded together to think up ideas (very quickly at that) to fuse into the Infamy 2.0 update and the majority seem to like it. Any chance of going with these ideas?

3) Regarding Infamy 2.0 again, there were also ideas on how roman numerals can be implemented into the game again without "making the UI look messy" and some people have actually turned to mods to do it without any issue. Do you think you can work that back into the game or is that too much work?

4) The Safehouse Customization sounds like a great idea and all, but what good is it if only you can see it? Is there any thoughts in making the Safehouse a 4-player room when the customization is finished? Because it seems pointless any other way.

5) I noticed that there was no option for the Van skin to switch it back to the original blue. Can you please add an option to change this? I'm sure you have more plans for more skins at a later date.

6) Now that we're talking about skins, is there any way that we would be able to change our suits, gloves, etc?

7) Do you plan on getting the voice actors back in the booth to finish the incomplete lines on some of the characters?

8) I'm sorry too many questions. This one is more of a personal request. I seen that either you already had the idea for the nun mask or you seen me mention it in the forum around John Wick's release. If you got that idea from me, I thank you for that. Now I feel like I'm playing "The Town" :) lol. I mentioned also getting the Twister mask back into the game at some point since it was in the files. Any chance of the return of Twister?

9) talk to Scott?

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