Anyone here quit alcohol forever?

I am not a fan of industrial livestock farming and I am European. I know the horrors in some very bad facilities and I know that American industries do often many things worse than we do but you also have ranchers/farmers and ruminants out there living enough life in the plains which is good. And as mentioned, I too think that those facility industries have to be improved, but not all meat is coming from them and it is still not really bad meat. People are recovering their health even on their "bad" meat. Simply avoiding more and more plant compounds.

You can see plants as medicine, because they can have healing effects and that's likely the reason they are seen as healthy, but just like with medicine you have to stop taking it or reduce the intake after you are done with your issues, to not do yourself permanent harm in the long run.

the insinuation regarding religious belief and veganism

You were talking about energies of tortured animals which would affect the consumer of the meat, which is nonsense. I assumed you were seeing it from a religious perspective.

Eat them. Whatever.

I have no choice (and the same applies for most humans) or my life possibly would have ended years ago. I would have not recovered, because my issues and CH progressed while not eating meat and not dropping plants harming me. I also did plant based Keto for a while and then later added meat with still a ton of plants, just to be sure to counter the "unhealthy meat effects". I was poisoning myself with these plants. For months I had issues like sweating insanely every night and having additional pains in my body, gut issues of course too as always, until I finally dropped all those shi**y salads and plants altogether. I of course saw that my gut was not having it (all the plants), but as usual did not really accept that. This was years ago. Some damage was permanent. Doctors still have to figure out why I get some strange pains eating several plant compounds. The CH of course are never really gone, they are just very well suppressed, waiting for me to if I ever go back to eating a standard diet (as I already tested).

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