Anyone sick of defending India when indians are themselves complicit??

You are sick of defending India because you are loosing the war. You are sick of defending India because you have always been in defense and always denied that the war exists. First you ran away from India physically and now you are running away from India mentally. You are sick because you are a looser and it is your choice right now to completely loose it or accept the war and do what it takes. A war needs to be fought not because of victory or defeat but because it is the right thing to do.

All this media attention to rapes etc. only started happening once Modi came into power. The christian cabal fears the rise of a hindu country which will stop the harvest of souls. The easiest way to do it is to associate rape, caste system, crime with India which is a hindu-nationalist country and strip its citizens of their dignity - which is exactly what is happening to you. People without their dignity and shamed of their past are the easiest souls to harvest. This is joined by the leftists and the islamics now who are out on the streets planning a division of India.

You can run away from this war or you can choose to fight it. But if you choose to run, please dont come back here cribbing about it. Go and convert to christianity already, take that white citizenship and when you are done running away go hide in some corner of your new country for death to relive you from this wretched existence.

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